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Product quality

Product quality

The main products are high-strength polyester filament sewing thread, high-strength nylon filament sewing thread, high-strength recycled silk sewing thread, polyester Bondi thread, nylon Bondi thread, quilting thread, hollow thread, high-strength polypropylene thread, polyester fluffy thread, conductive special thread, industrial thread, etc.
Production strength

Production strength

It has modern intelligent compound doubling twisting machine, 2012 compound twisting machine, and a complete set of high-speed automatic loosening machine, precision winding machine, high-speed automatic winding machine and other equipment. The annual processing and production capacity reaches 2000 tons.
Scope of application​

Scope of application​

It is widely used in civil weaving, most of which are the main raw materials of high-grade fabrics. The products have good performance and high strength. The products are used in leather goods, bags, footwear, home furnishings, quilting, outdoor supplies, safety protection, industrial webbing and other fields.

After-sales Service​

"Excellent quality and sincere service" is the business philosophy of our company. In terms of product quality, we boldly introduce new technologies to make products better; In terms of customer service, it is our goal.



        Hai’an XinshunThread Factory is located in the beautiful city Haian, Nantong -an important transportation hub on the east coast, and very convenient to Shanghai and other cities. And is an enterprise integrating production, development and trade. Since 2004, we has continued to provide super quality sewing threads and first-class service to domestic and foreign customers, and enjoys high reputation at home and abroad.

        Company’s main products are high-strength polyester filament thread, high-tensile nylon thre…



Haian Xinshun Wire Factory
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