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How to judge the level of quality management in spinning mills

        1. Whether to use modern tools for total quality management is the basis of enterprise quality control. Quality management module is an important part of ERP management software. Its implementation runs through the whole production and manufacturing line of the enterprise and is a powerful guarantee for quality control in the process of product production.

        2. Has it passed the ISO9000 series standard certification and implemented the whole process quality control? ISO9000 is a quality assurance system with strict requirements for different business characteristics of enterprises with the purpose of meeting customer requirements. Passing the quality system certification is the embodiment of an enterprise's stable quality assurance ability.

        3. Whether the raw materials used by the enterprise have a stable source and a certain reserve, and will not be shut down frequently due to capital and other reasons, which meets the needs of equipment. These are the basis for the long-term stability of yarn quality, which can effectively avoid a series of thorny quality problems such as color difference, different fibers, neps and so on.

        4. Whether the enterprise has a long-term stable and cooperative high-quality customer base can promote the continuous improvement of the enterprise's quality management level, which is also the true embodiment of the enterprise's quality management level.

        5. Is the basic management system of the enterprise sound? The five basic management systems of human, machine, material, law and environment textile enterprises are the limited guarantee to achieve the internal control quality standard of the enterprise.

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