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Be sure to pay attention to the following items when selecting sewing thread

Sewing thread is also common in our daily life, but many people should choose it casually when buying it! Here is Guizhou sewing thread to teach you how to choose:

Pay attention to the following items when selecting sewing thread

1. Color fastness is up to standard (different standards can be customized according to customer requirements);

2. We should distinguish what material it is;

3. Length detection can calculate the gram weight ratio according to different specifications;

4. Whether the sewing thread is neat after forming. If the forming is not neat, there may be many inner joints or uneven thickness;

5. The yarn should not be too wet when receiving sewing thread, otherwise it is easy to mildew or fade.

6. The fuzzing degree of sewing thread;

7. Whether the elongation of sewing thread meets the standard you need;

8. Whether the coarseness meets the national standard;

9. Whether the sewing thread is shaped back to its original thickness after high-temperature dyeing;

10. Whether the environmental protection requirements are met (the environmental protection requirements are different in each country according to the requirements of customers);

11. Pull yourself to meet your own standards,

Hai'an Xinshun line factory is located in Duntou Town, Hai'an County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, where the transportation is convenient. It is adjacent to the intersection of Nanjing Qidong railway and Xinchang Railway - Hai'an railway station, 328 National Highway, 204 National Highway, G15 Coastal Expressway, S28 Qidong expressway. It is convenient to reach Nantong airport and Yangtai airport.

Hai'an Xinshun thread factory, founded in 2003, is engaged in the production of polyester thread and nylon thread. Its products are used in leather, luggage, clothing, household, bedding, fishing nets and other fields. The products are mainly 100d-840d two strand and three strand polyester (nylon) filament sewing threads, and there are many series of stranded wires, loose threads, colored threads, quilting threads, and walking horse threads. The relevant specifications can make 4kg silk threads knot free, and the products with specifications and requirements can be customized according to customer needs.

Our compound doubling twister, 2005 compound twister, and complete sets of automatic loosening machine, automatic winding machine and other equipment. With product research and development and quality testing, provide detailed testing reports for new products. With an annual processing and production capacity of more than 1200 tons, it is one of the line making enterprises with varieties and specifications. The enterprise has complete and scientific product quality to obtain the same industry.

Haian Xinshun thread factory adheres to the business philosophy of "customer satisfaction", strives to forge "Xinshun" silk thread, and takes sewing as the goal for a better future. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to contact us!

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Haian Xinshun Wire Factory
地址:Qiuhu Industrial Park, Duntou Town, Hai'an City, Jiangsu Province
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